Envisat-MERIS 10-Daily composite (EM10)

This site provides all available information on the EM10 products and gives access to the catalogue where the available data can be searched and downloaded freely for non-commercial use (Terms of use). Historical processing will be performed gradually and added to the catalogue. At this moment (January 2013) the time series starts in January 2010. We expect the whole archive to be ready by the end of 2013.

The site is an addition to the SPOT-VEGETATION and MetopS10 portal and is served by VITO Belgium, with the assistance of the Belgian Science Policy Office (BelSPO-Brussels). All the basic MERIS-data used to generate the EM10 were provided by ESA, via their ftp archive. The water vapour data for the atmospheric correction are received from Meteo Services. 


MERIS Ten-daily synthesis TOC NDVI